3D Christmas tree orniments using some stampin up products

Pool party card stock 6 1/4 x 10 1/2

score both sides long and short sides at  1 1/4" intervals
Then leaving the 1/2" score line to the right of you go down the the second row and mark a point at the top of that square at 5/8 with your score tool and then score it from the top to the both corners and miss a square then repeat and on row 4 do the same but on the bottom line 5/8" and score up to the corners, miss a square and repeat until you make your way across missing one every time top and bottom.
Then with the squares above a v shape cut that square away both ends all the way across.
Add your DSP at 1" x 1" you need 17 of these, add them to the square all of them except the four that will be the bottom of your bauble and then burnish all your score lines even the little v's. now add tar and tape and glue the ends together. glue the 4 bottom pieces together with the opposite 1st  then the last 2, with the top you will punch a small 1/16" hole punch on all 4 flaps.
you will need some thin ribbon about 10" and tie it together to form a loop and now thread it through the holes your bauble is done x x x

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