Week 1 sketch challenge

This was our 1st week doing a new sketch challenge. and wow to everyone who took part.
everyone of them is truly inspirational.

This beautiful card was done by the gorgeous Lorraine Turner.
This gorgeous card was done by the beautiful Joanne Green.
Ann Sokyrka produced this wonderful card.
Beautiful card by the wonderful Brenda Harrison.
Wow to my lovely Aunty Pam Stubbs for her lush card.
I love this beautiful card by Carol Ann Pendleton.

These 2 beauties are from the lovely Cleta Curley, thanks for entering twice hun.
Love this beautiful card by the gorgeous Dana Smith.
This beauty is from the very talented Georgie Burns.
Another fab card by the lovely Julia Batten.
Wow, this was also created by another very talented lady, the gorgeous Karen McClure.
Very pretty card from the gorgeous Karla Bostic.
This is so cute, thank you Nina Tanner.
Last but no means least the beautiful Stampin Steph.

I can't thank you all enough, this amount of wonderful people who entered the 1st sketch challenge has been outstanding, thank you all so much, I love them all.....
On to the next one.

These are my 2 entries x x 


  1. Gaynor, what a fabulous start to your weekly challenge. All the cards are so wonderful and a great selection to CASE whenever us crafters are stuck for an idea. Can't wait to see what next week's sketch is. Thank you Gaynor for always supporting us crafters with your You Tube video tutorials, your Blog and your Face Book Sketch Challenge. :O)

  2. What a fabulous and successful start to you weekly sketch challenge Gaynor the cards were all beautiful well done everyone it was a pleasure taking part and I'm looking forward to next weeks challenge.so many different cards all using the same sketch it's a fantastic idea of yours Gaynor well done

  3. Gaynor, thank you so much for taking the time to start this challenge. I love seeing all the beautiful, unique cards that were created from a single sketch! I’ve only been paper crafting for about a year, & I love card making! I too have major back & joint issues, having had a huge back surgery last year, as well as many other surgeries. After working full-time for 32 years & now being unable to do so & living in constant, chronic pain, finding something I truly love doing is a blessing & very therapeutic. You have become a sweet friend as I watch each of your videos on YouTube while I’m crafting. Thank you for what you do. You have no idea how many people that you touch & inspire! I can’t wait to see this week’s sketch. ��

  4. What an astounding designs. These are great illustrations of what you can make if you have the creativity and free time.

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  6. "I decided to kick off the Week 1 sketch challenge by incorporating my favorite sports element – my Indiana Pacers jacket! I sketched a dynamic scene of a basketball game, capturing the excitement and energy of the sport. It's amazing how a piece of clothing can inspire creativity. Can't wait to see everyone's sketches this week!"

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