Week 7 3D projects week thanks everyone x x

This week everyone was just so fantastic with their projects I can't thank you all enough, so here goes x x

Andre Gorgon beautiful 3D flower card x x
Anne Sokyrka 3D card in a box x x
the wonderful Billie Lemere and her 3D project x x

I loved Brenda's craft fund box and her 3D suit case adorable x x 

Our very talented Carol Ann Pendleton and her beautiful box  and tea light set x x 
The lovely Cas Shears and her faceted box x x
Christine Versluis and a huge poster she made fabulous x x

Diane Furniss and these gorgeous Treasure boxes x x  

Our fabulous Georgie Burns and this beautiful exploding box x  x
Helen Chapman's stunning foiled box x x
Our lovely Ian Potter with his stunning tombow station x x
Judith Mcpherson and this elegant gift box x x 
The lovely Karla Bostic and her stunning box x x
Leonora Kramer's take on the oriental box I did x x

Our beautiful Lorraine Turner and these wonderful desk tidies x x 

Majella Camm Tobin has been a very busy lady with these 3 lovely projects x x

2 stunning projects by our gorgeous Mary Israel x x
Michele Irinyi gorgeous acetate box full of goodies x x 

2 beautiful 3D items from our beautiful Nicola Lubbe x x 
a stunning album by the wonderful Samantha Bretherick x x  
Stampin Steph super cute treat holders x x 
Fabulous project By the lovely Susan reaves x x

Rebecca Hamby and these beautiful Flowers x x  
Steph Stokers out standing album x x 

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