Week 9 of our weekly sketch x x

Week 9 of our weekly sketch x x
2 gorgeous entries from our lovely Carol Ann Pendleton x x 
This is outstanding by the wonderful Cheryl Wojak x x
Dana Lane Smith with this beautiful entry x x 

2 more outstanding entries from the gorgeous Debbie Harper x x
Deirdre McKenzie's very cute card x x
Beautiful entry by the lovely Diane Furniss x x
Love this by the wonderful Donna burrow x x
Elaine Spencer outstanding beautiful card x x thanks chick x x

2 stunning entries from our very talented Georgie Burns x x 
Ian Potter and his little friend with this lovely entry x x 

2 more lush entries by the lovely Isla cards x x 
Jules Marven and this beautiful creation x x 
Absolutely stunning entry by the gorgeous Lorraine Turner x x 
Oh Mary Israel this is amazing hun x x
our lovely Nicola Lubbe entry with a sexy shaker card x x
Rosie Minors, lush entry x x with brusho's x x
Gorgeous card by the lovely Sarah Dunn x x 
Fabulous card by the wonderful Susan reaves x x

 wonderful entry from the lovely Carol Medhurst x x
Our lovely Ann Sokyrka beautiful entry x x 

last but no means least the outstanding entry by the lovely Trish Drewitt x x x 

Amazing ladies & gent thank you so much for entering the weekly ketch you all put in 101% and love and soul in to each card x x 
So Sorry Brenda Harrison, I could not for the life of me save your card my darling, think you may have popped in on private, god bless you , there is always tomorrow x x luv's you all x x  


  1. Wow there are more and more each week. Its going to take you a day soon to put them on your blog page. Amazing support though.

  2. Wonderful cards everybody thank you for sharing them Gaynor xx