Large Gift Bag using Stampin' Up! DSP

Large Gift Bag using stampin' Up! DSP

Today I have for you this gorgeous large gift bag using Stampin' Up! DSP.

What you need is:
2 @ 12 x 12 DSP I used the thicker one's with the foils in as I know they are a lot better for these type of projects
1 sheet of photocopy paper for the handles.
extra's for your gift tag and some ribbon.

Score the both pieces the same 
1 1/2" down to 7 1/2", 3" all the way down, 11" all the way down.
Then turn to the right & score at 3" all the way down, 4 1/2" to the second score line, then flip and at the 4/12" score to the score 1st line. 
Then taking a ruler at the 1 1/2" side on the 1st ever score line down to 7 1/2" score at the point to the outer joins the form a triangle shape, as shown in the video.

Hope you enjoy and have a go, for all the supplies, go to and search Danielle Rose..... x x 

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  1. At some point everyone needs a large gift bag and when you can colour co-ordinate this with beautiful DSP or card stock then it is worth every minute putting it together. Thank you Gaynor for providing us crafters with a reference to come back to when we need it. xx