Week 15 of the Weekly Sketch

Week 15 of the Weekly Sketch 

Thank you to everyone one who took part this week, I think we all loved this one, as there were 42 entries....Oh Wow...

Andrea Wardill and her fabulous entry this week x x 
Stunning entry by the wonderful Anne sokyrka x x 
Very cute card by our stunning Brenda Harrison x x 
A nice boozy one by the gorgeous Carin Renzenbrink x x 
How sweet is this card by the lovely Carla S Zocchi x x 

2 Stunning entries by our fabulous Carol Ann Pendleton x x 
Beautiful entry by the lovely Carol Medhurst x x
Love this one by the fabulous Cathie Foulkes x x 
Stunning card by the wonderful Cheryl Wojak x x
Another super cute card by the stunning Colleen Stokesberry x x 
A delightful card By the lush Debbie Harper x x
With one of the brand new sets ready for June Donna Barrow's entry this week is lush x x 

2 gorgeous entries by the wonderful Eileen Till x x 

Elaine Spencer on a roll this week with 3 gorgeous entries x x thanks Elaine x x

My 2 entries for this week x x 
Outstanding entry by our talented Georgie Burns x x
Cute Cute card by the lovely Jan Buddle x x 
Love this by the gorgeous Joanne Prosser x x 
Beautiful card by the wonderful Judith McPherson x x
Loving the sentiments from the gorgeous Karla Bostic's card x x 

another 2 beauties from our stunning Leanne Fenton x x
Another wow card by the talented Linda S Richenberg x x 
So cute this is by the lovely Lisa Vasham x x 
Very pretty card by our one and only Lorraine Turner x x 

another 2 stunner's by the fabulous Lyn Turner x x 
 This is a beautiful Card by the wonderful Maria Hook x x 

Marvellous entry by the lush Mary Israel x x

2 more fabulous entries this week by the lovely Paula D Robinson x x 
Very jazzy card by the wonderful Pauline Jack x x
these beauties are by the lush Sarah Dunn x x 
So sweet, this is by the wonderful Sonya Byrd x x
Stunning card by the lovely Sophia D' Cal x x 
Very cute card by the stunning Tyler Jordan x x 
Omg this is so super cute by our beautiful Yvonne Buck x x 

Thank you all so so much, we had a fabulous 42 entries this week, everyone of them as beautiful as the next, can't thank you so much for taking part x x Luv's you all on to the next one x x x


  1. I can't believe that we have had 42 entries to this week's Sketch Challenge; it just goes to prove what a fabulous FB site Stamping with Joy is. Crafters are joining in flocks week after week and now we have so much inspiration being shown in individual cards from the Sketch challenges and other cards made by crafters too. Amazing! :O)

  2. Stunning cards everyone love to see everyone’s take on the sketches .x

  3. I can't believe how our group has taken off, and like the gorgeous Lorraine said, so much inspiration from everyone joining in , it's fabulous, so if you like what you see and would like to join our group, come on over to facebook, type in stamp with joy, and join x x x everyone is welcome x x