Week 16 of the weekly sketch 2018

Week 16 of the weekly sketch, by all the gorgeous members of the stamp with joy facebook group, x x x 

2 Stunning entries by the wonderful Andrea Wardill x x 

These 4 gorgeous entries are by the lovely Anne Sokyrka x x wow Anne thank you x x 

These 2 stunners are by the gorgeous Brenda Harrison x x 
Beautiful card by the lovely Carin Renzenbrink x x 
Very cute card by the wonderful Carla S Zocchi x x 

These 3 gorgeous cards are by the beautiful Carol Ann Pendleton x x 
This is by the wonderful Carol Medhurst, stunning card x x 

2 more cute and gorgeous cards by the lovely Cathie D Foulkes x x 
Beautiful entry by the wonderful Colleen Stokeberry x x 
Very pretty card by the gorgeous Diane Furnis x x 
Yet another really cute card by our lovely Donna Burrow x x 

These 2 stunners by the very talented Elaine Spencer x x

My 2 entries for this weeks challenge x x 
Very beautiful card by our very own Georgie Burns x x
stunning card by the wonderful Jan Buddle x x 

Look at these 2 cuties by the one and only Jan Windy x x 
Very pretty card by the lovely Joanne Prosser x x
Very creative card by my gorgeous Karla Bostic x x 
Lovely lovely card by the wonderful Leonora Kramer x x 
Gorgeous card by the lovely Lilette Autrey x x
Stunning panda card by the gorgeous Lisa Vashaw x x
Lush card by the lovely Lyn Turner x x
Marvellous card by the wonderful Marie Hook x x 
Beautiful Christmas card by Martha Ellis, x x 
Mary Israel with this gorgeous entry x x
Very cute card by the wonderful Nicola Lubbe x x 

These 2 stunners are by the lovely Paula D Robinson x x 
Lush card by the one and only Rebecca Hamby x x 
Stunningly elegant card by the wonderful Sarah Dunn x x
And last but no means least this is super cute by the wonderful Sophia D'cal x x 

Ladies I can't thank you enough....our weekly sketch is just growing and growing, and you all, are the best, not just for taking part, but for showing others your inspirations and creative talents.....So i thank you from the bottom of my heart, mwaahhh to each and every one of you, I love's you all x x no to the next one x x 

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  1. Fab-u-lous! No other words are necessary when looking at all the entries for this week's sketch challenge. O-M-G!!!! Love them all! xx