Weekly sketch cards Week 13

Weekly sketch cards Week 13 

Beautiful 1 st card by our Beautiful Brenda Harrison x x 
Gorgeous card by the lovely Carin Renzenbrink x x 

2 more stunning cards from wonderful Carol Ann Pendleton x x 
Love this DSP Springtime foils from our beautiful Carol Medhurst x x
Dazzling beauty by the gorgeous Debbie Harper x x 

2 more mega cards from our Lush and wonderful Elaine Spencer x x 
This is my entry for this weeks sketch x x 
Outstanding card by the very talented Georgie Burns x x
Our male entry this week by our very own Stampin with Ian, lush x x 
Amazing entry by the stunning Jan Buddle x x 
lush Jen Lynam and her stunning card x x
A very colourful and pretty card by the wonderful Joanne Prosser x x 
Beautiful entry by our lovely Katherine Clarkson x x 
Very very pretty card by the wonderful Leanne Fenton x x 
Beautiful entry by the lovely Leonora Kramer x x 
Another beautiful card by the one and only Lilette Autrey x x
Lorraine Turner's gorgeously cute card x x 
Love this card by the lovely Lyn Turner x x

Very beautiful card this week by the stunning Mary Israel x x 
Really pretty card again by our lush Rebecca Hamby x x 

2 extra special cards by the wonderful Rosie Minors x x
Stunning sweet soiree card by our lovely Sarah Dunn x x
Sophia D'cal and this gorgeous lots of lavender card x x 
Very striking card by the beautiful Yvonne Buck x x 

I want to thank each and everyone of you gorgeous people, who put their heart, soul and love it to these beautiful cards and entered this week x x Thank you so so much x x
Mwahhh till tomorrow x x x 


  1. well done everyone fantastic assortment of cards again xx

  2. An absolutely fabulous set of cards, loads of inspiration but bags of talent! :O)