Week 19 Sketches and entries

Week 19 Sketches and Entries

Beautiful card by the lovely Andrea Parr x x 
Stunning card by the wonderful Andrea Wardill x x 
Beautiful card by the gorgeous Brenda Harrison x x 
Delightful card by the lovely Carin Renzenbrink x x 
Beautiful card by the wonderful Carla S Zocchi x x

These 2 stunners are by the lovely Carol Ann Pendleton x x
Very cute cards by the wonderful Cathey Hoyt x x 
Very pretty card by the lovely Colleen Stokesberry x x 

These 2 lush cards are by the wonderful Elaine Spencer x x 

These 2 stunners are by the gorgeous Georgie Burns x x 
This very bright and cheerful cards is by the lovely Jacqui Mckissock x x 

These 2 beauties are by the lush Jan Windy x x
Gorgeous card by the lovely Joanne Prosser x x 

Another 2 stunners by our lovely Karla Bostic x x
Lovely card by the wonderful Leonora Kramer x x
Lovely Card by the lovely Lilette Autrey x x
this wow card is by the gorgeous Lisa Vashaw x x
Beautiful card by the lovely Lorraine Turner x x
Marvellous card is by the wonderful Marie Hook x x 
Pretty card is by the lovely Martha Ellis x x 
This beauty is by our lovely Mary Israel x x 
Very beautiful card by the wonderful Matilda J Holmes x x
Very nice card by the lovely Nina Tanner x x
This gorgeous card is by the wonderful Paula D Robinson x x 
This is a very pretty cards by our lovely Sandra Burns x x
This very cute card is by the wonderful Sophia D'cal x x
This is a wonderful card by the gorgeous Virginia Hodgins x x 
And last but no means least my version of this weeks sketch x x 

I can't thank you all enough, once again you have all out done yourselves and I am very proud of all of you..... For the past 19 weeks you have continued to support our group, taken part in all of the sketches and sometimes done way more than expected.....Means the world to me that you all do this, I so look forwards to putting a new sketch up.....You have all inspired each other also, make every new member feel so welcome....Brings a huge smile to my face....I thank you all so so much x x 
On to the next one x x x  

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