5 Card Cancer research Challenge by the lovely Audrey Shaw, Pauline Shar...

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  1. Lorraine Turner
    1 second ago
    Thank you Audrey, Pauline, Catherine and Pam for each and every one of your cards sent in for the challenge. I am truly, truly thankful to you all for all you have done for my charities/hospices/hospitals/cancer groups they are all so grateful for all the help that is being offered to them through the cards. I know that these cards will be so gratefully received by these groups and then when sold they will use the money to support those like myself who are battling day after day with this vile disease. I had a port fitted yesterday to help me have my chemo as my veins are shot to pieces due to the constant chemo and blood taking. The staff were so lovely with me because I was so apprehensive and was having it fitted under a local anaesthetic. The whole way through each and every one of them were so empathetic to my situation and supported me no matter what they felt. So thank you ladies I am so honoured that I was picked by Gaynor to be the person these cards were given to. :O)