5 Card Cancer research Challenge by the lovely Carol Mason x x

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  1. Thank you Carol for each and every card you have sent in for this cancer card challenge. I love each and every one of them. A friend gifted me some of the vintage lady card toppers and after seeing what you have done with yours I now have ideas what to do with mine, thank you.

    I went for chemo yesterday 22.6.2018 and the Oncology ward have a boot box I have covered in wrapping paper full of these hand made cards and a spare box in a cupboard underneath to keep filling the boot box up with. One of the HCA's filled the boot box up with cards whilst I was in the waiting room and showed me that the spare box was now completely empty. The Oncology ward had 70 cards in the spare box; which tells me they have sold 70 cards this week alone!!!! The Boot box fits approx 150 cards in it and so far I have given them 396 cards so by my reckoning they must have sold 246 cards so far - amazing! I am sorting out another 100 cards to take to them next Friday when I go to chemo.