5 Card Cancer research Challenge by the wonderful Diane Hutchinson & Tri...

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  1. Thank you ladies for all the effort, time and resources that has gone into each and every card that you have sent for my cancer charities/hospices/groups that will all benefit in one way or another with the sale of these beautiful cards. I cannot believe the response quite frankly, I have been overwhelmed with emotions from day one but as this has gone on and on and more and more cards have been sent in then my emotions have heightened. I am honoured to have been chosen by Gaynor to be the named person for these cards to be sent to and every time I take in cards they are so graciously received. None of the cancer charities/hospices/groups can believe the sheer number of cards that have been made and sent; they too are overwhelmed by your response. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xx